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How To

Clean Canvas and Mesh

Step 1: Stuff a towel inside your shoes
Step 2: Get your brush and apply the cleaner until it comes to a foam
Step 3: You have to rinse canvas or mesh after to rinse the dirt out
Step 4: Pull the towel out of the shoe and let air dry

How To

Clean Leather Shoes

Step 1: Wet the brush, apply the cleaner until it comes to a foam, scrub shoes thoroughly.
Step 2: Wipe shoe dry
Step 3: Use the white touch-up on stitches to brighten up the sole ( for white shoes only)

How To

Clean Suede

Step 1: Put a cleaner directly on a sponge, do not use water, squeeze the sponge until it foams, go back and forth on the suede.
Step 2: Gently use the dry brush to lift the suede.
Step 3: Use the water and stain repellent 6 inches away from the shoe with a light mist to add protection.

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